Training Presentation for CDTs & DTPs

The UK Research Councils have, over recent years, been encouraging Universities for bring together multi-centre student cohorts for their Ph.D programmes. These have been called Doctoral Training Partners or Centres for Doctoral train depending on the Research Council in question. KKI has worked with a number of DTP/CDT cohorts and recognises the challenge of working with students of varying backgrounds at different institutions. Here is our short presentation on the subject, focusing on the innovative training methods we use to develop student skills rather than simply imparting knowledge.
  • Transferable Skills Training for CDTs & DTPs


  • KKI Consulting Brochure

    A pdf (4.1M) discussing KKI work and capabilities in technology commercialisation.

    KKI Training Brochure

    A pdf (1.2M) detailing 12 different KKI workshops in technology commercialisation, and much information for training sponsors.

    'Great Mistakes in Technology Commercialisation'

    A copy of the refereed paper from Journal of Strategic Change. Contains the core of KKI and Z/Yen thinking on commercialisation.

    'Transistors, Mini-Skirts and Global Warming - Research with Impact and its Commercialization'

    This talk, developed for Heriot Watt University's Crucible Programme, uses some of the ideas in the Great Mistakes paper to look at 'Research Impact'. It makes the point that impact and commercialization are not just for scientists.

    'Renewable Energy in Scotland'

    This is the special report on the current position and future potential for renewable energy Scotland, published by Young Company Finance fo the All-energy exhibition in May 2009. Kevin wrote Chapter 2 looking at the status of renewables around the world. The world needs to invest about $500 billion a year for the next 20-30 years to really shift to renewables. For chapter 2 only click here:Current Status of Renewables

    'Tomorrow's Carbon Model'

    Kevin and Michael Mainelli of Z/Yen devised a series of linked models which enable organisations not only to estimate their carbon footprint, but also to see what that might cost them under various carbon-pricing schemes.

    'Gilty Green Government'

    Kevin contributed to this Z/Yen paper proposing that Governments might mitigate the risk for investors investing in alternative energy projects. How? By issuing Government Bonds linked to the carbon price (analogous to the inflation-linked bonds they already issue). See whether you agree with the arguments put forward.

    Quiz for Architecture Students

    Kevin was asked to apply the lessons gained in commercialisation to some Architecture Students about to start their placement year. It was interesting to see what they did and didn't know. Can your students do better? For answers click here:Architect Quiz Answers.

    Feasibility Study Template

    A really useful template allowing you to structure a feasibility study. This systematically asks the writer to consider and address all the potential failure factors in a commercialisation project. One civil servant said that a study using the template was 'the most thorough he'd ever seen'... (OK, so he doesn't get out much, but it was quite good). We use this format and also coach young entrepreneurs in doing it for their own project. Here is the MS Word editable version: Feasibility Study Template

    Operational Budget Template - pdf

    The thing that terrifies many new managers is having to produce basic operational budgets. Kevin uses this as a teaching exercise on his finance training workshops, but an increasing number of people in small organisations are using it as their main budgeting tool. The MS Excel editable version contains linked worksheets 'plan', 'actual', 'variance' and 'plan vs actual chart'. You can edit the cost and period categories in the plan and they automatically change in the other sheets. Very nice! Excel Version. And here is an example extended to be a capital budget, so you can see how NPV and IRR can easily be done in Excel New Boiler Investment Model

    Links to People KKI works with and for

    Z/Yen Group

    KKI co-operates with Z/Yen in a number of technico-economic studies, including recent work on carbon emissions pricing.

    Biotechnology YES

    This is the UK-wide 'Dragons Den' business plan competition for early career bioscientists. Participants prepare an oral business plan presentation for an "imaginary" biotech start-up. KKI strongly encourages attendees on its training workshops to enter BioYES!

    BIFM Training

    KKI provides practically-based CPD training in operational finance for the British Institute of Facilities Managers.

    Young Company Finance

    Read YCF to hear about all the funding deals done by early stage companies in Scotland and the North of England.

    University of Edinburgh Operational Research M.Sc

    Kevin gives a course in management accounting to this Masters Programme run by the University Maths School.

    Scottish Language School Tours

    A great way for young people to see and get a feel for the Highlands of Scotland.

    South East Scotland Scouting

    As well as being a Cub Scout Leader, Kevin carries out a number of adult training roles for the South East Scotland region.

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